CFN Compliance Solutions 

Compliance Financial Network (CFN) brings innovative and unique solutions to the market to serve the many challenged business types across the nation. CFN also brings financial institutions and banks a suite of technology and solutions to properly manage and mitigate risk as well as comply with all federal, state and county level regulatory requirements.​

Businesses of all types continue to struggle obtaining and keeping depository business banking services to meet the needs of their legitimate businesses. CFN takes a unique approach to assisting these businesses through the various regulatory and compliance maze using a proprietary business processes and an integrated technology platform allowing all the necessary steps in AML/BSA and KYC processes to be followed along with managing the appropriate reports to the appropriate regulatory body's.

  • Dynamic platform that manages intake, documentation and provides complete upfront KYC and due diligence for all clients we serve.

  • Maximize the chances of the client’s success in establishing compliant banking and payment services.

  • Gives financial institutions and Banks the ability to leverage CFN platform and access specific data points that speed up underwriting, re-underwriting processes.

  • Offers a multitude of intake areas of POS data, AML/BSA data and verification, KYC/KYCC data and verification, OFAC, Lexus Nexus, criminal background checks as well as a number of national and federal verification systems to confirm and document all legitimate businesses we work with.

  • Our services take much of the risk out of the equation and allows each client and bank to build a lasting relationship that is the foundation for success.

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