CFN Onsite Audits / Site Inspections / Mystery Shoppers 

CFN provides a full range of compliance auditing for Banks, States, and Financial Services Providers that require onsite audits, site inspections, and mystery shoppers to verify soundness, reputational risk and regulatory assessments in the most critical aspects of high-risk industry types to help reduce reputational risk as well as fraud. 

The auditors consist of specialized teams of both current and former Regulators, Bank Examiners/auditors, DEA agents that provide onsite audits for various high-risk industries. Services cover a comprehensive list of requirements that verify adherence of Standard Operating Procedures, (SOP), Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), Know Your Customer (KYC), Know your Customers Customer (KYCC), and Know your Vendor (KYV) and several other types of reviews.


Audits and Remediation [if they have items to fix] can cover custom requirements and or cover federal, state, city and county level mandates and regulations. Various auditing performed at locations can be customized to meet specific needs of our clients servicing all types of industries and flexible based on each project specifications and requirements. 


Our approach includes both onsite and offsite assessment work, which reduces your overall cost of delivery. We start every audit with a risk assessment, then focus our highest and best resources in the areas of greatest risk in your organization. Our specialists in the different areas of audit work together as a team to ensure the highest possible compliance standards.


Physical Audit and Site Inspection Types

  • AML/BSA Reviews 

  • State, City & County Mandate Review  

  • Operations Compliance

  • Corporate Entity, Shareholder Background Review

  • IRR

  • Community Reinvestment Act

  • Specialized Audits

Virtual & Anonymous Inspection Types

  • Mystery Shoppers

  • KYCC Reviews

  • KYVV Reviews

  • EDD of Product

  • EDD of Investors

  • And Much More

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