Technology & Software 

Proprietary Business Intelligence platform that manages, CRM, Merchant/Agent/Client Application, Workflow, Underwriting, Compliance reporting and audits, Account/Leads Management, Processor Customer Service, Risk Management and Multi-dimensional Data Warehouse system.


Infrastructure to support intake, onboarding, underwriting, compliance audit data points for banks/financial institutions as well as state regulatory entities.


Compliance Financial Network uses an information analytics data hub that is SOA based. It is a flexible web-based Online SAAS complete with an integrated workflow engine, underwriting logic flow for easy application management, an integrated Data warehouse and Risk Management set of tools. 


The system was built to be available “Real Time” or in an “Offline” mode so that clients have the flexibility to use both an electronic application process and a standard paper process. The solution allows a financial institution to review any type of client on the front end of a processing relationship from a 360-degree perspective so that we “Know Your Customer”.


Additionally, the system allows for “periodic” reviews based on client defined rules. Since the internal architecture is SOA based we can "plug in" - “services” like “MATCH”, “Lexis Nexis”, “D&B”, “OFAC” or “FICO”  as desired. CFN employs features like the “Exceptions Management” process to Account for additional review documents and “Additional Supporting Documents” to the client’s application profile for later review as well as for "ongoing audits". 


The system leverages Oracle encryption tools and is PCI DSS compliant. The DWH is flexible and N-Tier. The Dashboard reporting engine is flexible to allow users to define their look up data points, layout and export options.


Covers: Credit History, Public Records, Inquires, Credit Balance Ratios, Financial Trend Progressions, Verification of Addresses, Social Security Numbers, Dates Of Birth, Driver’s License information, Phone Numbers, known Fraud Ring Data, Business Licenses, Corporate Filings, Web-Site-Scans, which search merchant web-sites for restricted activity, Merchant Bank Accounts, and MasterCard’s Terminated Merchant File where a connection at  the BIN level is possible.

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